A Life of Limitless Possibilities

jeri_devaleWhen we are fueling our false self we always look through the eyes of lack…Our true self knows better. It knows that we can co-create anything we want. We have limitless possibilities to co-create health, wealth and happiness, and the most important element which is to create meaning in our lives. This can bring us limitless joy and awareness. Power is in awareness not money or control over others. Power is the ability to flow with the river, and be able to say Wow and most wondrous at every moment, even when you lose everything you own. As you feel your connection with all things great and small you invite the whole world in and swallow it whole in love and it shoots you back out in many dimensions….so we have to continually learn more and more about fueling and loving our true selves. More to come.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

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