Are You Afraid of Success?

jeri_devaleMany people think they are afraid of Failure but really many of us are afraid of Success! How do you know this? By paying attention to all of the ways You are sabotaging yourself.

Do you eat or drink too much? Do you Exercise too little.

Do you procrastinate with getting things done?

Do you take responsibility for keeping your stress low by meditating, doing yoga, or tai chi? Do you love yourself less than you love others?

Do you put yourself first or are you last on the list?

Almost all religions mutually accept that the five passions of the mind are self-destructive and keep you from realizing God, Love, and Joy more fully.

To be awakened more fully we need to know how we suppress ourselves with these five passions…because on some level we don’t feel we deserve more success or believe we can achieve it. So the 5 passions of the mind step in to help us sabotage ourselves…some people feel that the energy behind these 5 passions is the devil.

Whatever you believe it is…we have the spark of the divine in us and we can co-create with God and problem solve every problem or issue we have.

The 5 passions of the mind are: Anger, Lust, Greed, Vanity, or Attachment. Underneath all of these are based in Fear. More on these in the next email.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

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