Becoming More Secure and Confident in Yourself

jeri_devaleDear Bravehearts,

You can become more secure and confident by a combination of fueling secure and confident thoughts and feelings, and by not fueling feelings of doubt and insecurity. This can be done with both passive and active meditation.  Passive meditation you focus on  a mantra – a series of words that you repeat in your mind over and over like the word HU by chanting or singing them inside of yourself focusing in the middle of your forehead known as the third eye and watch your negative thoughts and feelings float by you without attaching yourself to them or judging them…realizing that they are not who you are so don’t identify with them….you can do this formally for 15 minutes twice a day….and then during the day with  your eyes open as you notice these negative thoughts come up you don’t repress them you just dismiss them because you know they are an illusion.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

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