Do you feel alone and/or lonely?

jeri_devaleDear Bravehearts,

Do you feel alone and/or lonely?

Here is a story that might help you.  You are walking in the park and you see a lot of children playing and families having picnics and lots of activity.  Then you come across a child crying on a park bench.  You ask the child, “why are you crying”?  The child says, “because I am all alone.”   So you go and introduce yourself to all of the other children…the sad child looks on with wonder at how you do this and learns that love is just an arms length away…you have to give people a chance to get to know you.  So the child starts to go to the other children to say “Hi and introduces himself/herself and they let him/her play with them.”

The second part to this is that loneliness does not often have too much to do with how many people are in your life…that is only a part of it…but it has to do with you (not your) being too critical of yourself. So you separate your own love from  yourself.

Be Kind, Sweet and Gentle with yourselves.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

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