Giving up our Attachment to our False Self – Awareness Heals

jeri_devaleWe have to CHOOSE to be aware.  What helps us is knowing what to look for, and to accept we need to give up or transform all the positions that get us glued to our false self.  These are some of the things we have to give up.  We have to take notice become aware of the anxiety we feel when we don’t have a firm position to stand on.  Anxiety is not the enemy it is our friend…it tells us we are coming from or looking in the wrong direction and a belief system may need to be changed or transformed.  We literally make positions of our beliefs, and dig in our heels and say we aren’t leaving, even if intellectually we know that belief may not be true anymore.  We want something to be all right or all wrong…when in spirit there are no absolutes.  And fifth dimensional thinking which I talk about in my book. ” Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment” knows that our beliefs, our positions must be fluid not rigid or we become bullies and terrorists.  Fifth dimensional thinking is always thinking in relationship to something else…We are always only partly right and wrong.  For example,  killing someone else is murder and is wrong…killing in war for your survival is not.  So killing is not all wrong or right…it always depends upon what is at the top of the triangle….the third belief system that gives it meaning.  We feel emptiness unless we get the meaning of life and these thoughts which we cannot do if we think of these in absolutes…Substance abuse is the result of this…not seeing and feeling the meaning not seeing the third principle that transcends right and wrong. So always look for the third belief system or thought that gives meaning to it.   There is no right and there is no wrong…there is only partly right and partly wrong…there is what works for you…there is what works for your family…your government.. the third principle can be love, harmony, peace. When we are looking at what is right and what is wrong can we add the third belief which acts like a harmonic creating of course more harmony and meaning.  It is known in music that harmonics heal.  So if you add the third position to be love, or forgiveness, or harmony then you would think that killing as an act of mercy is also ok only if the person you are killing ok’s it. We can’t cross someone else’s will without creating bad karma.  Crossing someone else’s will is negative witchcraft.  But be aware here as I learned the most from my pain…the last stages of someone’s life may provide the opportunity for tremendous growth…so don’t spare the person of pain help them transform it if you can…the other person has to be willing.   Each situation is unique. The third principle is always fluid.  Don’t push the river it flows by itself. Love, forgiveness, discernment-awareness HEALS.  So when we are thinking rigidly and not adding the third principle…we are fueling are attachment to our false self….and feelings of emptiness and lack.  When we are fluid in our thinking and look through the window of love, peace, and harmony – which transcends rigid thinking, we are spiritually re-framing and looking and thinking through the eyes of our true self our divine self and our attachments lessen.  More on this in the next email.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

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