God Actualization & Enlightenment

jeri_devaleDear Brave Hearts,

Enlightenment  is God Realization actualized. It is a circuit.The first part of it is: Self and God realization where we come to understand that we are more than the some of our parts…and that extra part is our connection with God and all that is.  It is the awareness that our divine soul is immortal and living as a spotlight in our hearts. We, then can shine and give out this great light and love to the world by actualizing this awareness in each moment. As a course in miracles says and also Maryanne Williamson, and other enlightened people, “Enlightenment is achieved when there is an unlearning of the thought pattern based in fear and a relearning of thought patterns based on love and forgiveness.” I have been saying that in many ways already in daily awakener where I have tried to make you aware of the 5 passions of the mind  all of which are thought patterns based in fear so that you might see them for the illusions they are..and choose to direct your mind to love and forgiveness..then most importantly…on a daily basis you have  actualized enlightenment.  Enlightenment doesn’t exist unless you complete this circuit.  God realization is a call to action.  Enlightenment is responding to this call and saying yes. Enlightenment only exists if you choose both.  So for enlightenment to have any meaning, we must choose to use it and direct our mind to open our hearts to love and forgiveness and to send this peace to ourselves, the earth, and all that is. This isn’t always easy.  We have to be courageous…it is inside of us.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D


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