More on Enlightenment!

jeri_devaleDear Brave Hearts,

Besides unlearning thought patterns based on fear and instituting thought patterns based on love, trust, and forgiveness and fueling the 5 virtues, we also detach from the 5 passions of the mind… we then move to feel God realization…and choose to connect the circuit.  I feel the connection with God and Love in all things and I respond to this with a YES…and so I say “thank you” every moment I can, with every breath for being here and how wondrous it is. We need to continually express our true nature of love, trust and forgiveness…We will then feel the cosmic kiss that results in excited participation in life. How to feel this kiss more often is explained in my book “Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment“.

I love you,
Dr. Jeri DeVale

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