Giving up our Attachment to our False Self – Awareness Heals

jeri_devaleWe have to CHOOSE to be aware.  What helps us is knowing what to look for, and to accept we need to give up or transform all the positions that get us glued to our false self.  These are some of the things we have to give up.  We have to take notice become aware of the anxiety we feel when we don’t have a firm position to stand on.  Anxiety is not the enemy it is our friend…it tells us we are coming from or looking in the wrong direction and a belief system may need to be changed or transformed.  We literally make positions of our beliefs, and dig in our heels and say we aren’t leaving, even if intellectually we know that belief may not be true anymore.  We want something to be all right or all wrong…when in spirit there are no absolutes.  And fifth dimensional thinking which I talk about in my book. ” Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment” knows that our beliefs, our positions must be fluid not rigid or we become bullies and terrorists.  Fifth dimensional thinking is always thinking in relationship to something else…We are always only partly right and wrong.  For example,  killing someone else is murder and is wrong…killing in war for your survival is not.  So killing is not all wrong or right…it always depends upon what is at the top of the triangle….the third belief system that gives it meaning.  We feel emptiness unless we get the meaning of life and these thoughts which we cannot do if we think of these in absolutes…Substance abuse is the result of this…not seeing and feeling the meaning not seeing the third principle that transcends right and wrong. So always look for the third belief system or thought that gives meaning to it.   There is no right and there is no wrong…there is only partly right and partly wrong…there is what works for you…there is what works for your family…your government.. the third principle can be love, harmony, peace. When we are looking at what is right and what is wrong can we add the third belief which acts like a harmonic creating of course more harmony and meaning.  It is known in music that harmonics heal.  So if you add the third position to be love, or forgiveness, or harmony then you would think that killing as an act of mercy is also ok only if the person you are killing ok’s it. We can’t cross someone else’s will without creating bad karma.  Crossing someone else’s will is negative witchcraft.  But be aware here as I learned the most from my pain…the last stages of someone’s life may provide the opportunity for tremendous growth…so don’t spare the person of pain help them transform it if you can…the other person has to be willing.   Each situation is unique. The third principle is always fluid.  Don’t push the river it flows by itself. Love, forgiveness, discernment-awareness HEALS.  So when we are thinking rigidly and not adding the third principle…we are fueling are attachment to our false self….and feelings of emptiness and lack.  When we are fluid in our thinking and look through the window of love, peace, and harmony – which transcends rigid thinking, we are spiritually re-framing and looking and thinking through the eyes of our true self our divine self and our attachments lessen.  More on this in the next email.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

More on the 5 passions of the Mind

jeri_devaleOur last email showed the relationship of the 5 passions of the mind. They can interfere with our success and peace. Also in a prior email we talked about how anger one of the passions of the mind is actually a cloak a disguise and underneath anger is fear of something…if we define what we are afraid of we can then problem solve it.  Lust of any kind is because of identifying with the lack in our lives and emptiness we may feel inside rather then identifying with love and abundance.  Greed also is looking in the wrong direction to fix the problem…to fill up the emptiness…where we always want more to distract us so we don’t have to feel our pain.  But if we do feel our pain….we might realize how we are creating this lack and feelings of emptiness in our lives.

The master key to all the passions is to realize that attachment holds all of these passions in place…so if you break the attachment that holds these in place…major baggage in your life will drop off.  All of these attachments to the above passions of the mind stem from your attachment …your identifying with your false self.  Instead you have to identify with your Divine Self…Spiritual reframing is what will help you break your attachments to your false self.  In the movie, The Passion of Christ, the best line of the movie was when Jesus looked at his mother and said.  “Look Mother how I make all things new.”

This is the bridge Jesus gave us to recognize the kingdom of God is inside of us…We have to die to our false self…our ego – stop thinking in terms of lack, emptiness and victim….and instead reframe every thought and belief system to our divine self and become co-creators with God.  More on how to do this in the next email.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

Are You Afraid of Success?

jeri_devaleMany people think they are afraid of Failure but really many of us are afraid of Success! How do you know this? By paying attention to all of the ways You are sabotaging yourself.

Do you eat or drink too much? Do you Exercise too little.

Do you procrastinate with getting things done?

Do you take responsibility for keeping your stress low by meditating, doing yoga, or tai chi? Do you love yourself less than you love others?

Do you put yourself first or are you last on the list?

Almost all religions mutually accept that the five passions of the mind are self-destructive and keep you from realizing God, Love, and Joy more fully.

To be awakened more fully we need to know how we suppress ourselves with these five passions…because on some level we don’t feel we deserve more success or believe we can achieve it. So the 5 passions of the mind step in to help us sabotage ourselves…some people feel that the energy behind these 5 passions is the devil.

Whatever you believe it is…we have the spark of the divine in us and we can co-create with God and problem solve every problem or issue we have.

The 5 passions of the mind are: Anger, Lust, Greed, Vanity, or Attachment. Underneath all of these are based in Fear. More on these in the next email.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

A Spiritual Exercise For You

jeri_devaleWhen you take your shower in the morning after you get yourself physically clean…imagine the water washing away all of your negative emotions and beliefs – your  fear, your anger, your despair, your pain, your imperfections…let it all go down the drain as the water washes you clean of these negative emotions and thoughts.  Then visualize gold or white light descending down and flooding you with love and self-forgiveness.  Throughout the day do random acts of kindness. In the middle of the day you don’t have to be taking a literal shower…but you can take a few minutes and renew your morning shower by visualizing you are in the shower and washing away all of your negative emotions and letting love and forgiveness in…Repeat again in the evening.  Let me know how this works for you.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

RE: The “We” of our Hearts

Dear Brave Souls,

Today is another day to explore our connectedness…our deep love for each other for if we all turn our attention to it…we can create a peaceful, harmonious, joyous life for all of us. Write letters about it, poems, songs, tv shows, operas, and films.  Love is the glue that keeps us together yet separates us enough we can see and talk with each other.  We are all connected In soul to each other and God.  We are not separate from God.  I will share a poem of mine.  Please write your own poem or song and send it to me so that I can post it here for all to share in the celebration of life.

The “We” of Our Hearts

By Dr. Jeri DeVale

Love exists everywhere and in all things

      Beyond the beyond

And all around

Centered inside of me

And repeated in all of Thee

Love is Always a “We”

It’s mind is One

It’s emotions are self-sacrifice

The willingness to step in front of a train

To save your child’s life.

To put others before you

The Physicality of it stretches

Across Universes through Hu-Man (God-man)

And all other Physical Forms

Loving in Action

Forcing my sacrifice

To die again and again

For the love of “WE”

For without Two

There is No one to See

Love’s Dance

Connected in the sparkle

Of a child’s eye

A cat’s grace

A dog’s loyalty

Our family ties

Our ego dies

To be born again

Moment to Moment

In a supreme Duet

Of Duality

Body and Soul

Mind and Spirit

You and Me

Light and Sound

That doubles infinitesimally

In the All

We never Fall

Hearts pounding

Love is Here

Its steady drum

Pulses On

Purring like a Cat

Soft currents of Energy

Smelling Sweeter than Sweet

Our Bodies die

Our Soul Body doesn’t

Living On

Singular yet Plural

The “We” of our Hearts

Married to each other

In Harmony

Singing Together

In the Forever

The Voice of God

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

RE: How having an open heart will help to Heal you

jeri_devaleDear Brave Souls,

Some people think that spirituality is an open heart…but it is much more than that.  You also have to have an open mind and assertively direct it to being a responsible co-creator with God/Holy spirit …and couple the open heart with and open mind and with the pure awareness of Soul/God.  This allows your spirit to soar…sometimes it is difficult to get there when you are hurting.   A great spiritual exercise to help this is for you to write about the nature of love…what do you think it is…how does it work in your life.  What are you willing to do for the sake of love…what are you willing to give up for it.  St. Francis wrote his famous poem about this…he was willing to give up all of his feelings of hatred, doubt, despair, darkness, sadness and all of his personal desires…that is why more than one religion claims him as their own. He is cherished by many different religions. Here is his famous poem as a reminder…try and write your own love poem, and send it on to me…so I can share it with everyone.

St. Francis Original Prayer for Peace, Healing, and Oneness

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me bring love.

Where there is injury, pardon.

Where there is doubt, bring your faith.

Where there is despair, hope

Where there is darkness, bring your light.

Where there is sadness, bring your joy.

Divine Master, grant that I may not seek to be consoled as to console.

Grant that I may not seek to be understood, as to understand.

Lord grant that I may not seek to be loved, as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive.

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.

It is I dying to our False self that we are born to eternal life.

By St. Francis


jeri_devaleDear Brave Souls,

Are we willing to stop complaining and do something about the stalemate?  I suggest all of us take 3-5 minutes out of our day everyday to do a creative visualization where we send light and love to the president and the house and senate and all parts of government…and keep it up for at least 6 months.  Visualize white light going there while saying we send light for the highest good for all concerned that the deadlock end and that they see the importance of stopping their terrorist attack on each other. Not only do American people suffer but the world suffers from this fiasco. Then take another deep breath and send light to other terrorists and governments of the world that they also see the stupidity of holding other people hostage rather than work together to make constructive changes.  If enough of us do this it will make a difference.  Please tell your friends to do the same.  There is power in numbers.  Please also tell you friends to sign up to receive The Daily Awakener so that we can build this force for good.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

How can we live in freedom?

jeri_devaleDear Brave Souls,

Mystics have talked for centuries about giving up your attachments to things to find freedom… like giving up the attachment to the way you think that life should be and instead focus on the beauty and the wonder of it as it is…to be in the now to be able to see the world without expectations…this takes a lot of practice……and what I have come to learn a great deal of faith in our connection to each other. We must feel this connection on a very deep level…and then we realize we are not alone, and our group consciousness can solve every problem if we work together for the highest good of all concerned. We must do spiritual exercises like meditation, but also do in addition to the more passive meditation…daily contemplation, and other active meditation throughout the day. I remember the film or book that said I never promised you a rose garden. However when we work together as spiritual beings with the same motive and intention to create peace, joy, well being and happiness and abundance to all life…any garden will be transformed into a rose garden. There are always thorns in a rose garden too..but they can just be reference points that more harmony in an area is needed. We must work together not as material objects and egos but as the spiritual beings we truly are. To do this we have to realize that who we are is a lot more than our thoughts and feelings and body…we must identify with who and what we really are a spiritual being connected to all life. A lot of emails along the way will talk about giving up our faulty belief systems that keep us stuck in greed and judgements that limit our life and create violence and conflict. The more we let go of our faulty belief systems the more we realize we are spiritual beings connected to each other…and start to feel this connection…this is the truth and power we are looking for. Power and prosperity and health and joy all reside in the power of unconditional love of ourselves and others coupled with the power of awareness. Governments will always fail and make mistake after mistake until they realize government itself is a spiritual being and it must serve the spiritual being with the attitude of looking out for the highest good of all concerned. They must stop living in ego and give up polarized thinking like who is right and who is wrong and stay focused on serving the whole in a way that is a win-win situation for everyone. Right now we have programs that serve the rich and the poor and the middle class is taking on the burden for everyone…without a strong and healthy middle class we will crumble…extremes in both parties serve the rich and the poor. Almost all religions talk about the middle way as being the healthiest way to stay in balance…extremism of any kind like terrorism causes nothing but violence and misery and absolutely no gain for anyone.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D. – Psychologist

Dear Brave Souls

jeri_devaleMake your thinking multicolor.

Recently with a patient we were talking about how many things she dislikes and how it stops her from creating more abundance and opportunities in her life.  When I asked her to try and define her dislikes so that we could problem solve them…she couldn’t and bristled and said if I don’t like lima beans there is no reason for it….I just don’t like lima beans therefore I won’t eat them…I also don’t like doing this or that kind of job so I won’t do them even if it makes me homeless.  This very black and white thinking is often associated with people who are addicted to some kind of drugs but also just very defensive people in general.  We can certainly see the black and white thinking in congress that has our government stuck.  Each party thinks they are right…but reality is not absolute…we are always partly right and partly wrong…

So if you don’t like lima beans you can problem solve that in a way  you don’t have to obtain from eating it… You can put cheese sauce over it or olive oil and Italian herbs…you can make it an exciting thing of discovering how you can prepare lima beans in a way that it will actually taste delicious…You can also mix it with other vegetables etc ….This more creative type of thinking is adding more hues of color so reality isn’t black and white…but has shades of other colors mixed in it to have the most abundant life.

Jeri DeVale,Ph.D.

Dear Brave Souls

jeri_devaleRe:  Let Spirit Lead

Diana Nyad is a great inspiration to all of us.  She recenty at 64 years of age swam 53 hours from Cuba to Florida.  She tried 4 times before…the fourth time was at age 30 when stings from Jellyfish nearly killed her.   When asked how she did it, she said she kept instructing her spirit to find a way.  It was through her strength of spirit that she found the way.  All the doctors said at her age it was not advisable…and in fact thought it would be impossible for her physically to do this, but she is a spiritual warrior!!!

As a holistic psychotherapist I have been telling people to let spirit lead and learn to have continual conversations with your soul/spirit so that your body and personality communicate with soul in a way that they are kissing each other all day creating not only more joy and bliss but assisting us in completing our goals and realizing our dream. You can order my book to explore this further.

So today let us breath together 3 times and then let go while asking your spirit to lead the way saying….let us work together for the highest good of all concerned.  Tell spirit your intentions and goals and then listen and watch for spirit to send you an answer.  It may come in the form of a dream, a person, a book, or more directly even.  In one of my meditations I asked what did I need to do as all of my friends thought I was complicating my life by having so many projects going at the same time.  They wanted me to simplify my life.  All of a sudden there was a blackboard in front of my third eye when I closed my physical eyes with the words franz liszt….written on it.  He was wrote very complicated music and embraced it all…so the message was clear don’t back away from it…but embrace your complexities.  Listen to his music

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.