Peace Prayer for World Peace

This is to be done everyday if possible.

Focus on your breathing.
Let your body relax,
and be aware of the sounds around you.
Whatever you hear,
focus on your breath as it moves in and out,
Bringing you into the here and now.

This is where loving and peace reside.

Relax into the loving.
Be aware of peace radiating through you
and extending out from you,
To gently hold the planet earth
and all of God’s creation
in your loving care.

As Peacemakers, encircling the planet earth
we chant 3 times
to all the
and conditions,
that are present

“I Love You.
God Bless You.
Peace, Be Still.”

Just now we become aware of
any anxiety we may be holding.
We let it go. We let God. We relax.

We envision the presence of peace on earth,
like a golden sun rising over the rim of the planet
spreading forth its Light
and encompassing all in the Light of Peace.

Let’s take a moment now to bring forward any areas of the world or situations
that may need the Light and peace at this time.

We pause to clearly see all the people and conditions in need of the Light
being filled with the purpose of giving forth a greater peace.

We behold the peace and calm present in these areas
serving the highest good of all concerned.

We gather together as Peacemakers to encircle each person,
place, situation or thing with Light
and shower forth this peace and calm to all involved.

We envision the entire earth and all affected situations
being restored to mutual understanding,
appreciation and love for one another.

We love you,
God bless you,
Peace, be still.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

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