RE: The “We” of our Hearts

Dear Brave Souls,

Today is another day to explore our connectedness…our deep love for each other for if we all turn our attention to it…we can create a peaceful, harmonious, joyous life for all of us. Write letters about it, poems, songs, tv shows, operas, and films.  Love is the glue that keeps us together yet separates us enough we can see and talk with each other.  We are all connected In soul to each other and God.  We are not separate from God.  I will share a poem of mine.  Please write your own poem or song and send it to me so that I can post it here for all to share in the celebration of life.

The “We” of Our Hearts

By Dr. Jeri DeVale

Love exists everywhere and in all things

      Beyond the beyond

And all around

Centered inside of me

And repeated in all of Thee

Love is Always a “We”

It’s mind is One

It’s emotions are self-sacrifice

The willingness to step in front of a train

To save your child’s life.

To put others before you

The Physicality of it stretches

Across Universes through Hu-Man (God-man)

And all other Physical Forms

Loving in Action

Forcing my sacrifice

To die again and again

For the love of “WE”

For without Two

There is No one to See

Love’s Dance

Connected in the sparkle

Of a child’s eye

A cat’s grace

A dog’s loyalty

Our family ties

Our ego dies

To be born again

Moment to Moment

In a supreme Duet

Of Duality

Body and Soul

Mind and Spirit

You and Me

Light and Sound

That doubles infinitesimally

In the All

We never Fall

Hearts pounding

Love is Here

Its steady drum

Pulses On

Purring like a Cat

Soft currents of Energy

Smelling Sweeter than Sweet

Our Bodies die

Our Soul Body doesn’t

Living On

Singular yet Plural

The “We” of our Hearts

Married to each other

In Harmony

Singing Together

In the Forever

The Voice of God

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

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