Success – Happiness & Enlightenment

jeri_devaleSome people think that if you are enlightened you will be feeling bliss all of the time. Nice thought, but the nature of enlightenment is that you are not attached to feeling bliss or sadness…you do sort of feel a sense of deep peace…but remember wanting to achieve success or happiness or bliss as a permanent fixture doesn’t work as it isn’t in reality. It keeps you stressed out and therefore shut down in some ways. Nothing is constant. Reality is a flowing river… Success and happiness is not permanent… something to be achieved and then you have it for the rest of your life. That is why enlightened masters never say they are enlightened masters because it is egotistical. An enlightened master never asks himself that question. For an enlightened master Love is…peace is…joy but you can actually feel other things like sadness at the same time…you just learn not to fuel it…and instead direct your attention to where love and joy is.

By Dr. Jeri DeVale

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