Thank you… thank you… and thank you… & the 5 virtues

jeri_devaleThe negative effects of the 5 passions of the mind is greatly reduced when you balance them out with cultivating the 5 virtues.  They are Forgiveness (tolerance), contentment, detachment, discrimination and humility.  St. Francis was a prime example of someone living in humility and tolerance.  I have found the best way to cultivate these is to cultivate gratitude and it somehow feeds all of the other virtues.  Your eyes then will be looking all day long for something to be grateful for.  Waking up and savor smelling a cup of coffee in the morning and say thank you and having that to start your day.  Enjoying your shower in the morning and feel the sensuality and pleasure of it and say thank you…talking to and hugging your children, your mates, your animals…and say thank you…thank you …. thank you…step out of your door and say thank you to the wind…the trees…the flowers….thank you …thank you.  Trees are our silent sentinels…they help absorb the bad stuff in the air for us.  Thank you then becomes like a mantra which is a series of words that we repeat over and over to help us keep us focused in a positive thank you… thank you… thank you. Give gratitude this whole holiday season no matter what your busy mind might be thinking…thank everything …every minute of the day…and your new year will be filled with blessings.  The blessings already are Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

With Love always and in all ways,
Dr. Jeri DeVale

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