The Miracle of Tantra Love Poem

I’m now writing a book on Tantra Lovemaking. Here is a Tantra love poem that I wrote which gives you the understanding of how powerful it can be.

Tantra lovers are Miracles

of Inspiration and Joy to each other

Love unbounded by time

As our spiritual energies unite our souls to travel together

In the past, present, and future all at once

Our tapestry is rich as we are always in the now

Inspiring us and all life as we cherish each other

And touch God at the same time

Loving in Time and also beyond it

is a continual collaboration and interweaving

Of all the energies of the holy spirit,

and are awareness and focus and breath

move these energies through our bodies stimulating all of

the energies centers of the body where we can then have

both a full body orgasm rather than just a genital one

and we can bring this energy up then to our head

that helps to stimulate the brain for enlightenment!

the miracle of tantra love

By Jeri DeVale Ph.D © 1/20/22

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