The sweet spot and miracles in your life

jeri_devale​As a spiritual exercise I have asked the holy spirit each morning to let me see the miracle that is there for us each day if we are watching for it and also ask God to let me be a clear channel for the holy spirit for all of life. This adds excitement to my day. My soul, not just my personality gets excited as it waits for my mind to recognize the miracle and then my soul kisses me saying “Hoorah!” So glad you noticed that as we melt together in a sweet way with a feeling that we are in love with each other with gratitude.

Recently a friend of mine said he calls it the sweet spot of the day. And that is the tremendous value of hanging out with other spiritual people as it provides two eyes to an experience and deepens it for both people and then you and other person feel for a moment that same sweet spot and the soul in both of you recognize you see something deeper and have a cosmic kiss together, and all of you and the other person have a cosmic kiss together with your souls and God.

Now with me adding the interpretation of these miracles now as sweet spots adds an emotional element so my mind is not only recognizing miracles but your emotions soften and you feel sweet and it intensifies your feeling of love with yourselves, with God and with each other. It is very intimate and can create a lot of bliss. Intimacy is not just for romantic sexual relationships or marriages. In fact the more you recognize that cosmic kiss, the more you never feel alone or lonely again. You can kiss your soul and God in many moments of the day. It greatly deepens you intimacy and love with God. You can do this with all life. Your children, your cats and dogs, trees and flowers….with the wind and the rain and on and on.

Email me at your experience with the above as you practice it. And how it has made the quality of your life better and awakened you to new passionate and excited way of being.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

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