For Moms – The Eternal Divinity of Mom – The feminine aspects of divinity

Mom echoes visions of softness and warmth nestled

in clouds of mystery and descent.

A vision of femininity to soften the blow of absolutes.

The stark black and white illusion of male authority.

The soft body shapes of women…the round soft curves

Explaining the continuity of life

The accent of wisdom over knowledge, love over

Accomplishment, trust over control.

Struggling in feather down on cold wintry mornings

Feeling safe and secure.

Compassionate mother of God, all-merciful, beyond justice or easy reason.

The wild passionate mom swelling from the lust of wanting a man

The caretaker-nurturer-who places her children herself

The independent wildly courageous mom, doing it alone

The mom who makes couplets rhyme, visions whole,

Who encourages us to dream dreams beyond what she could accomplish

Beyond what she can know, risking losing us…she loves us so much

Beyond her need, beyond her need to be needed, beyond the limits

Of her mind and imagination

Having only the instinct that mankind must be preserved

No matter what!

With womankind entwined in mutual co-operation even when

She would rather not

Dance the dance man has started. She embraces All,

Love all, trusts all, and knows HER HEART IS ABOVE HER HEAD,

She is mom, even without children, even without

A woman’s body, even without all that we think of her as,

Mom is.

by Jeri DeVale, PhD

Page 99, “Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment ” by Jeri DeVale, PhD

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