The Miracle of Tantra Love Poem

I’m now writing a book on Tantra Lovemaking. Here is a Tantra love poem that I wrote which gives you the understanding of how powerful it can be.

Tantra lovers are Miracles

of Inspiration and Joy to each other

Love unbounded by time

As our spiritual energies unite our souls to travel together

In the past, present, and future all at once

Our tapestry is rich as we are always in the now

Inspiring us and all life as we cherish each other

And touch God at the same time

Loving in Time and also beyond it

is a continual collaboration and interweaving

Of all the energies of the holy spirit,

and are awareness and focus and breath

move these energies through our bodies stimulating all of

the energies centers of the body where we can then have

both a full body orgasm rather than just a genital one

and we can bring this energy up then to our head

that helps to stimulate the brain for enlightenment!

the miracle of tantra love

By Jeri DeVale Ph.D © 1/20/22

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Message From The Dalai Lama

Sometimes friends ask me to help with some problem in the world, using some “magical powers.” I always tell them that the Dalai Lama has no magical powers. If I did, I would not feel pain in my legs or a sore throat. We are all the same as human beings, and we experience the same fears, the same hopes, the same uncertainties.

From the Buddhist perspective, every sentient being is acquainted with suffering and the truths of sickness, old age and death. But as human beings, we have the capacity to use our minds to conquer anger and panic and greed. In recent years I have been stressing “emotional disarmament”: to try to see things realistically and clearly, without the confusion of fear or rage. If a problem has a solution, we must work to find it; if it does not, we need not waste time thinking about it.

We Buddhists believe that the entire world is interdependent. That is why I often speak about universal responsibility. The outbreak of this terrible coronavirus has shown that what happens to one person can soon affect every other being. But it also reminds us that a compassionate or constructive act—whether working in hospitals or just observing social distancing—has the potential to help many.


Ever since news emerged about the coronavirus in Wuhan, I have been praying for my brothers and sisters in China and everywhere else. Now we can see that nobody is immune to this virus. We are all worried about loved ones and the future, of both the global economy and our own individual homes. But prayer is not enough.

This crisis shows that we must all take responsibility where we can. We must combine the courage doctors and nurses are showing with empirical science to begin to turn this situation around and protect our future from more such threats.

In this time of great fear, it is important that we think of the long-term challenges—and possibilities—of the entire globe. Photographs of our world from space clearly show that there are no real boundaries on our blue planet. Therefore, all of us must take care of it and work to prevent climate change and other destructive forces. This pandemic serves as a warning that only by coming together with a coordinated, global response will we meet the unprecedented magnitude of the challenges we face.

We must also remember that nobody is free of suffering, and extend our hands to others who lack homes, resources or family to protect them. This crisis shows us that we are not separate from one another—even when we are living apart. Therefore, we all have a responsibility to exercise compassion and help.

As a Buddhist, I believe in the principle of impermanence. Eventually, this virus will pass, as I have seen wars and other terrible threats pass in my lifetime, and we will have the opportunity to rebuild our global community as we have done many times before. I sincerely hope that everyone can stay safe and stay calm. At this time of uncertainty, it is important that we do not lose hope and confidence in the constructive efforts so many are making.

~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Beautiful Prayer from John Morton of for all those who serve and let god flow through us

Thank you, Lord, for being in our midst here, that we have responded to Your call long ago.

And in our willingness to serve, we are the divine conductors.  And we conduct it into ourselves with perfect protection. And we bring our trust, our commitment, our devotion, into how all this is done. We also invite the clearing. So we ask that be done from the highest levels with whatever is needed, through Your grace.

Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are

 – John Morton   

Jeri DeVale Ph.D.
(727) 374-3092 

We can Get rid of the Virus

Here’s how:

we can move mountains and experience great healings with creative visualizations. So we can move the virus off planet earth.Here’s how please visualize this and pass it on. Visualize God (whatever your concept of him is) pouring down rays of white light all over the planet and lifting it off planet earth and putting it where it can’t hurt anyone.

Believe and it will work. Blessing to all.
Jeri DeVal
(727) 374-3092

Stilling the Monkey Mind by Becoming the Angels on Earth

By Jeri DeVale, PhD © 5-14-2020
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 What is monkey mind?

 It is all of the negative and persistent thoughts that keep you from feeling joy, peace, compassion and love.  It tends to be feelings of lack, despair, depression, anger, disappointment, expectations that aren’t met, or feelings of loss and betrayal that run through your mind all day long.

It is best to come from more than one angle and have more than one tool to quiet the over-reactive mind. 

The very first thing is not to judge. Instead embrace and love your monkey mind

With that change in attitude alone…your mind starts to quiet down…

Mantra meditation is good.  A mantra is a word or series of words that you keep repeating while focusing on your third Eye.

As you sing your mantra you close your eyes and focus in your third eye.  Your Third Eye is between your eyebrows and up about an inch.

From inside you can see and feel your reactive mind.

 Don’t judge…Thank it for giving you a reference point… For showing you where you need to work to move higher into love and enlightenment.

Bless it and let it go… You can say “I let go of you now for you have done your job of showing me what I need to work on.”

Every negative thought means you are still attached to the lower-negative worlds and the seven sins. Pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth and greed.

You can then transform the sins by nurturing the 7 virtues instead.

Transforming pride to humility,  Envy to kindness, gluttony to discipline…. anger to patience , greed to contentment, sloth to enthusiasm, and lust to tantra.

You can use tantra yoga to create a spiritual focus, raising the energy of your body to the higher centers of the brain.

You can then do everything from the divine perspective.

The third tool is effective against temptation, and you can divert your focus instead to what the divine wants.  “Not my will but thine be done.”

The divine wants for you to be kind, considerate, compassionate and loving.

You can meditate with a mantra for 20 minutes twice a day. But You can also meditate in every moment by noticing and reflecting…

“am I being kind, considerate, compassionate and loving this moment?”

… if not bring your love forward… It is inside of you…  You already have it… No one has to give it to you… The kingdom of God is within you. 

Imagine your mantra is the forward focus of your painting…

Your negative thoughts are the background of your painting.

You can use the mantra “HU”. And repeat it over and over again while focused in your third eye.

When negative thoughts and feelings arise, acknowledge what they are saying and give them to the divine.

nurture them like children that need love.

 If you have a fear of failure realize I believe in you.  and I am here to support you and guide you and I am always with you-loving you in all ways… I am your true self. Your higher proactive mind and Soul.

If your thoughts are not necessarily negative, but just full of the noise of all of the things you want to remember to do during the day.  Try writing down what you want to accomplish first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

You don’t have to be running them around in your head all day long.

tools like these work if you have a thirst for experiencing the divine. You will feel god’s grace come to you when you focus on kindness, compassion, respect, and love in every moment. You will experience a sense of peace and joy, and it will spread to others.

 …And we become the angels on earth.


WE HAVE TO STOP ACCUSING GOD AND THE UNIVERSE AND EACH OTHER of BEING WRONG. Our attitude and vision needs to see god and the universe and each other as being beyond right and wrong, connecting with soul transcendence and unconditional living Love and seeing the beauty and awe of each moment. My book on spiritual reframing called Kissing our way to enlightenment is on kindle. It helps you to reframe both positive and negative experience. It helps our personality/ego communicate with our soul so that they are kissing each other all day long creating more joy and bliss. It is called Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment: Living in Freedom. Each moment has love and happiness in it if you acknowledge it and bring it in.

Jeri DeVale,PHD.

More ways to spread love to the world!

In every situation that you are in, there is an opportunity for you to give yourself more love and spread more into the world by congratulating yourself and thanking yourself and god that you remember in every situation to bring your love forward without any expectation of any kind of return, but because you are love(the kingdom of God is inside of you) so you have endless love and that is your job to spread it to others and the whole world. Only more love will bring world peace.

Jeri DeVale,Ph.D.

For Moms – The Eternal Divinity of Mom – The feminine aspects of divinity

Mom echoes visions of softness and warmth nestled

in clouds of mystery and descent.

A vision of femininity to soften the blow of absolutes.

The stark black and white illusion of male authority.

The soft body shapes of women…the round soft curves

Explaining the continuity of life

The accent of wisdom over knowledge, love over

Accomplishment, trust over control.

Struggling in feather down on cold wintry mornings

Feeling safe and secure.

Compassionate mother of God, all-merciful, beyond justice or easy reason.

The wild passionate mom swelling from the lust of wanting a man

The caretaker-nurturer-who places her children herself

The independent wildly courageous mom, doing it alone

The mom who makes couplets rhyme, visions whole,

Who encourages us to dream dreams beyond what she could accomplish

Beyond what she can know, risking losing us…she loves us so much

Beyond her need, beyond her need to be needed, beyond the limits

Of her mind and imagination

Having only the instinct that mankind must be preserved

No matter what!

With womankind entwined in mutual co-operation even when

She would rather not

Dance the dance man has started. She embraces All,

Love all, trusts all, and knows HER HEART IS ABOVE HER HEAD,

She is mom, even without children, even without

A woman’s body, even without all that we think of her as,

Mom is.

by Jeri DeVale, PhD

Page 99, “Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment ” by Jeri DeVale, PhD

On Unconditional Love

When you love your spouse and children unconditionally you are touching and kissing God at the same time everytime you think of them and feel your heart open with deep love for them. then Miracles happen!
here is a poem I wrote about the experience.

My heart sings for you and because of you

Embracing both you and God at the same time

An everlasting love song that duplicates

With every cosmic kiss

With an innocent heart

Miracles happen!

by Jeri DeVale, PhD