For Moms – The Eternal Divinity of Mom – The feminine aspects of divinity

Mom echoes visions of softness and warmth nestled

in clouds of mystery and descent.

A vision of femininity to soften the blow of absolutes.

The stark black and white illusion of male authority.

The soft body shapes of women…the round soft curves

Explaining the continuity of life

The accent of wisdom over knowledge, love over

Accomplishment, trust over control.

Struggling in feather down on cold wintry mornings

Feeling safe and secure.

Compassionate mother of God, all-merciful, beyond justice or easy reason.

The wild passionate mom swelling from the lust of wanting a man

The caretaker-nurturer-who places her children herself

The independent wildly courageous mom, doing it alone

The mom who makes couplets rhyme, visions whole,

Who encourages us to dream dreams beyond what she could accomplish

Beyond what she can know, risking losing us…she loves us so much

Beyond her need, beyond her need to be needed, beyond the limits

Of her mind and imagination

Having only the instinct that mankind must be preserved

No matter what!

With womankind entwined in mutual co-operation even when

She would rather not

Dance the dance man has started. She embraces All,

Love all, trusts all, and knows HER HEART IS ABOVE HER HEAD,

She is mom, even without children, even without

A woman’s body, even without all that we think of her as,

Mom is.

by Jeri DeVale, PhD

Page 99, “Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment ” by Jeri DeVale, PhD

On Unconditional Love

When you love your spouse and children unconditionally you are touching and kissing God at the same time everytime you think of them and feel your heart open with deep love for them. then Miracles happen!
here is a poem I wrote about the experience.

My heart sings for you and because of you

Embracing both you and God at the same time

An everlasting love song that duplicates

With every cosmic kiss

With an innocent heart

Miracles happen!

by Jeri DeVale, PhD

Daily Prayer


Dear God,

I open up now to feel your presence within me. Help me to forgive myself and others and remember to use my ego as a tool for spirit only, and not as my identity. Fill me with your inner light, knowing, wisdom, love and joy and let it touch everyone I come in contact with today. Flood me and the world with your light, healing all and raising the consciousness for all for the highest good of all concerned.

The sweet spot and miracles in your life

jeri_devale​As a spiritual exercise I have asked the holy spirit each morning to let me see the miracle that is there for us each day if we are watching for it and also ask God to let me be a clear channel for the holy spirit for all of life. This adds excitement to my day. My soul, not just my personality gets excited as it waits for my mind to recognize the miracle and then my soul kisses me saying “Hoorah!” So glad you noticed that as we melt together in a sweet way with a feeling that we are in love with each other with gratitude.

Recently a friend of mine said he calls it the sweet spot of the day. And that is the tremendous value of hanging out with other spiritual people as it provides two eyes to an experience and deepens it for both people and then you and other person feel for a moment that same sweet spot and the soul in both of you recognize you see something deeper and have a cosmic kiss together, and all of you and the other person have a cosmic kiss together with your souls and God.

Now with me adding the interpretation of these miracles now as sweet spots adds an emotional element so my mind is not only recognizing miracles but your emotions soften and you feel sweet and it intensifies your feeling of love with yourselves, with God and with each other. It is very intimate and can create a lot of bliss. Intimacy is not just for romantic sexual relationships or marriages. In fact the more you recognize that cosmic kiss, the more you never feel alone or lonely again. You can kiss your soul and God in many moments of the day. It greatly deepens you intimacy and love with God. You can do this with all life. Your children, your cats and dogs, trees and flowers….with the wind and the rain and on and on.

Email me at your experience with the above as you practice it. And how it has made the quality of your life better and awakened you to new passionate and excited way of being.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

Peace Prayer for World Peace

This is to be done everyday if possible.

Focus on your breathing.
Let your body relax,
and be aware of the sounds around you.
Whatever you hear,
focus on your breath as it moves in and out,
Bringing you into the here and now.

This is where loving and peace reside.

Relax into the loving.
Be aware of peace radiating through you
and extending out from you,
To gently hold the planet earth
and all of God’s creation
in your loving care.

As Peacemakers, encircling the planet earth
we chant 3 times
to all the
and conditions,
that are present

“I Love You.
God Bless You.
Peace, Be Still.”

Just now we become aware of
any anxiety we may be holding.
We let it go. We let God. We relax.

We envision the presence of peace on earth,
like a golden sun rising over the rim of the planet
spreading forth its Light
and encompassing all in the Light of Peace.

Let’s take a moment now to bring forward any areas of the world or situations
that may need the Light and peace at this time.

We pause to clearly see all the people and conditions in need of the Light
being filled with the purpose of giving forth a greater peace.

We behold the peace and calm present in these areas
serving the highest good of all concerned.

We gather together as Peacemakers to encircle each person,
place, situation or thing with Light
and shower forth this peace and calm to all involved.

We envision the entire earth and all affected situations
being restored to mutual understanding,
appreciation and love for one another.

We love you,
God bless you,
Peace, be still.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

Non-attachment friend or foe?

jeri_devaleDear Bravehearts,

Non-attachment must be applied only to the destructive negativity of the lower mind..that is the only reason the practice of non-attachment is worthwhile because in order to do it for real you have to attach yourself very strongly to the higher path and consciousness and surrender to god or what some people call the super conscious mind in unity into the oneness. Because that means that your focus is in the real universe.

We have multidimensional awareness. Our subconscious mind pulls us down.  Unfortunately many religions or at least our false interpretations of non-attachment have led many people into strong psychological defenses that numb people out and demotivates them…so to protect themselves from pain people try and convince themselves that certain things really aren’t that important to them…but that repressions only dooms them to live a more shallow life and can keep you from learning important lessons you need to learn…you can be passionate about anything just let your super conscious mind be in control not your subconscious mind…so repression works against you. You can be non-attached when you can say “I have already been there and done that and it didn’t get me the results I wanted therefore I am going to let my higher self that knows the truth lead in passion and joy.”  If you try to force being non-attached.. it Is like when someone says to you “Whatever you do now don’t think of a tree!” Well all you can do is think of a tree. When negative thoughts come up or strong desires that distract you just let them float by without judging them or fueling them. And bring yourself back into the moment by saying how can I bring more light and love into this situation.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

See the best in each other


An aspect of the path to God Consciousness has to do with the faculty of the mind that recognizes beauty. It always looks for ways to bring out the best in each person and each situation, to turn the drab and ordinary into something pretty and miraculous. Have a beautiful day see the best in each other.




Dr. Jeri DeVale

Becoming More Secure and Confident in Yourself

jeri_devaleDear Bravehearts,

You can become more secure and confident by a combination of fueling secure and confident thoughts and feelings, and by not fueling feelings of doubt and insecurity. This can be done with both passive and active meditation.  Passive meditation you focus on  a mantra – a series of words that you repeat in your mind over and over like the word HU by chanting or singing them inside of yourself focusing in the middle of your forehead known as the third eye and watch your negative thoughts and feelings float by you without attaching yourself to them or judging them…realizing that they are not who you are so don’t identify with them….you can do this formally for 15 minutes twice a day….and then during the day with  your eyes open as you notice these negative thoughts come up you don’t repress them you just dismiss them because you know they are an illusion.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

Do you feel alone and/or lonely?

jeri_devaleDear Bravehearts,

Do you feel alone and/or lonely?

Here is a story that might help you.  You are walking in the park and you see a lot of children playing and families having picnics and lots of activity.  Then you come across a child crying on a park bench.  You ask the child, “why are you crying”?  The child says, “because I am all alone.”   So you go and introduce yourself to all of the other children…the sad child looks on with wonder at how you do this and learns that love is just an arms length away…you have to give people a chance to get to know you.  So the child starts to go to the other children to say “Hi and introduces himself/herself and they let him/her play with them.”

The second part to this is that loneliness does not often have too much to do with how many people are in your life…that is only a part of it…but it has to do with you (not your) being too critical of yourself. So you separate your own love from  yourself.

Be Kind, Sweet and Gentle with yourselves.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

Defining your Life’s Purpose

jeri_devaleIt is difficult to know what your purpose in marriage is if you haven’t articulated to yourself what the meaning and purpose of your life is…and your life’s meaning comes from the gratification of fulfilling your purpose and direction.  So let’s start… here are commonly held examples of life’s purpose.  Yours may be very different.  If you believe in God your life’s purpose may be to know, love and serve God, and the God in all things.  If you don’t believe in God your life’s purpose might be to know and serve the energy of love or the highest consciousness there is in your life and with your family and with the human race and the planet earth and to be of service.….or it can be to live up to your highest potential as a human being, or it can be to have the most joy and pleasure you can. Then when working together with someone else…the question becomes how can we work together to help each other reach our highest goals and potential….what does that look like? How do we do that? Send me by email any questions you may have and what you have come up with to define your life’s purpose and any progress you have in then joining with your spouse and family members and larger community to put it all together.  Remember to put it all into the light for the highest good, and not to impose your will on others.  You are creating harmony here also not just serving love and happiness…love and happiness will be short lived…if you want a long lasting marriage…you have to focus on and have as a part of the mix the energy of Harmony.

Dr. Jeri DeVale