Defining your Life’s Purpose

jeri_devaleIt is difficult to know what your purpose in marriage is if you haven’t articulated to yourself what the meaning and purpose of your life is…and your life’s meaning comes from the gratification of fulfilling your purpose and direction.  So let’s start… here are commonly held examples of life’s purpose.  Yours may be very different.  If you believe in God your life’s purpose may be to know, love and serve God, and the God in all things.  If you don’t believe in God your life’s purpose might be to know and serve the energy of love or the highest consciousness there is in your life and with your family and with the human race and the planet earth and to be of service.….or it can be to live up to your highest potential as a human being, or it can be to have the most joy and pleasure you can. Then when working together with someone else…the question becomes how can we work together to help each other reach our highest goals and potential….what does that look like? How do we do that? Send me by email any questions you may have and what you have come up with to define your life’s purpose and any progress you have in then joining with your spouse and family members and larger community to put it all together.  Remember to put it all into the light for the highest good, and not to impose your will on others.  You are creating harmony here also not just serving love and happiness…love and happiness will be short lived…if you want a long lasting marriage…you have to focus on and have as a part of the mix the energy of Harmony.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

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