Non-attachment friend or foe?

jeri_devaleDear Bravehearts,

Non-attachment must be applied only to the destructive negativity of the lower mind..that is the only reason the practice of non-attachment is worthwhile because in order to do it for real you have to attach yourself very strongly to the higher path and consciousness and surrender to god or what some people call the super conscious mind in unity into the oneness. Because that means that your focus is in the real universe.

We have multidimensional awareness. Our subconscious mind pulls us down.  Unfortunately many religions or at least our false interpretations of non-attachment have led many people into strong psychological defenses that numb people out and demotivates them…so to protect themselves from pain people try and convince themselves that certain things really aren’t that important to them…but that repressions only dooms them to live a more shallow life and can keep you from learning important lessons you need to learn…you can be passionate about anything just let your super conscious mind be in control not your subconscious mind…so repression works against you. You can be non-attached when you can say “I have already been there and done that and it didn’t get me the results I wanted therefore I am going to let my higher self that knows the truth lead in passion and joy.”  If you try to force being non-attached.. it Is like when someone says to you “Whatever you do now don’t think of a tree!” Well all you can do is think of a tree. When negative thoughts come up or strong desires that distract you just let them float by without judging them or fueling them. And bring yourself back into the moment by saying how can I bring more light and love into this situation.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

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