Great New Teaching

jeri_devaleDear Brave Hearts,

We can as a group help make fantastic changes for our lives, our families, our governments, our prosperity, our world. I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase that when 2 or more are gathered together in my name I am there also.

Well this is how it magnifies… if you are one person and you visualize something like prosperity for all.  It only has the energy of one person… for each new person you add it is 7 times the energy that goes out into the universe on this thought.  So if you have even 30 people visualizing you have the energy of 210 people thinking the same thing radiating out into the universe.  Here is the trick though… you must send it out pure…you can’t have any of your pictures of how something you want can come about. After we say what it is we want to visualize we must always say this is done with free will and for the good of all… the most important step.  Otherwise if you cross other people’s will it can backfire.  So if you would like to participate with this send me an email at telling me so…and add one wish about changes you would like to see and as soon as I get at least 30 people I will set up a time we can do this together…when  you email me please tell me what time zone you are in. Thanks. We can also join then with other groups who might be doing the same thing allowing even more energy on our positive thoughts. My love to you all.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

Empowering Yourself and Your Relationships

jeri_devaleWhen you deliberately choose to do something to try and please someone you feel more fulfilled and experience a sense of freedom as you feel this is your choice…so this action is taken in love and you usually feel pleasure doing it.…Many of us forget paying attention to this…In relationships we get scared that we might lose someone if we aren’t trying to please them all of the time or we fear we might get punished by them. We then take this action out of fear not love. So when we are doing something we feel we have to do, even if we really don’t want to do it,  we sometimes resent it, and therefore don’t feel nourished by it. Try this week to focus on deliberately choosing whatever actions you take this week and how that makes you feel…Email me the results.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

Success – Happiness & Enlightenment

jeri_devaleSome people think that if you are enlightened you will be feeling bliss all of the time. Nice thought, but the nature of enlightenment is that you are not attached to feeling bliss or sadness…you do sort of feel a sense of deep peace…but remember wanting to achieve success or happiness or bliss as a permanent fixture doesn’t work as it isn’t in reality. It keeps you stressed out and therefore shut down in some ways. Nothing is constant. Reality is a flowing river… Success and happiness is not permanent… something to be achieved and then you have it for the rest of your life. That is why enlightened masters never say they are enlightened masters because it is egotistical. An enlightened master never asks himself that question. For an enlightened master Love is…peace is…joy but you can actually feel other things like sadness at the same time…you just learn not to fuel it…and instead direct your attention to where love and joy is.

By Dr. Jeri DeVale

More on Enlightenment!

jeri_devaleDear Brave Hearts,

Besides unlearning thought patterns based on fear and instituting thought patterns based on love, trust, and forgiveness and fueling the 5 virtues, we also detach from the 5 passions of the mind… we then move to feel God realization…and choose to connect the circuit.  I feel the connection with God and Love in all things and I respond to this with a YES…and so I say “thank you” every moment I can, with every breath for being here and how wondrous it is. We need to continually express our true nature of love, trust and forgiveness…We will then feel the cosmic kiss that results in excited participation in life. How to feel this kiss more often is explained in my book “Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment“.

I love you,
Dr. Jeri DeVale

God Actualization & Enlightenment

jeri_devaleDear Brave Hearts,

Enlightenment  is God Realization actualized. It is a circuit.The first part of it is: Self and God realization where we come to understand that we are more than the some of our parts…and that extra part is our connection with God and all that is.  It is the awareness that our divine soul is immortal and living as a spotlight in our hearts. We, then can shine and give out this great light and love to the world by actualizing this awareness in each moment. As a course in miracles says and also Maryanne Williamson, and other enlightened people, “Enlightenment is achieved when there is an unlearning of the thought pattern based in fear and a relearning of thought patterns based on love and forgiveness.” I have been saying that in many ways already in daily awakener where I have tried to make you aware of the 5 passions of the mind  all of which are thought patterns based in fear so that you might see them for the illusions they are..and choose to direct your mind to love and forgiveness..then most importantly…on a daily basis you have  actualized enlightenment.  Enlightenment doesn’t exist unless you complete this circuit.  God realization is a call to action.  Enlightenment is responding to this call and saying yes. Enlightenment only exists if you choose both.  So for enlightenment to have any meaning, we must choose to use it and direct our mind to open our hearts to love and forgiveness and to send this peace to ourselves, the earth, and all that is. This isn’t always easy.  We have to be courageous…it is inside of us.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D

Thank you… thank you… and thank you… & the 5 virtues

jeri_devaleThe negative effects of the 5 passions of the mind is greatly reduced when you balance them out with cultivating the 5 virtues.  They are Forgiveness (tolerance), contentment, detachment, discrimination and humility.  St. Francis was a prime example of someone living in humility and tolerance.  I have found the best way to cultivate these is to cultivate gratitude and it somehow feeds all of the other virtues.  Your eyes then will be looking all day long for something to be grateful for.  Waking up and savor smelling a cup of coffee in the morning and say thank you and having that to start your day.  Enjoying your shower in the morning and feel the sensuality and pleasure of it and say thank you…talking to and hugging your children, your mates, your animals…and say thank you…thank you …. thank you…step out of your door and say thank you to the wind…the trees…the flowers….thank you …thank you.  Trees are our silent sentinels…they help absorb the bad stuff in the air for us.  Thank you then becomes like a mantra which is a series of words that we repeat over and over to help us keep us focused in a positive thank you… thank you… thank you. Give gratitude this whole holiday season no matter what your busy mind might be thinking…thank everything …every minute of the day…and your new year will be filled with blessings.  The blessings already are Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

With Love always and in all ways,
Dr. Jeri DeVale

A Life of Limitless Possibilities

jeri_devaleWhen we are fueling our false self we always look through the eyes of lack…Our true self knows better. It knows that we can co-create anything we want. We have limitless possibilities to co-create health, wealth and happiness, and the most important element which is to create meaning in our lives. This can bring us limitless joy and awareness. Power is in awareness not money or control over others. Power is the ability to flow with the river, and be able to say Wow and most wondrous at every moment, even when you lose everything you own. As you feel your connection with all things great and small you invite the whole world in and swallow it whole in love and it shoots you back out in many dimensions….so we have to continually learn more and more about fueling and loving our true selves. More to come.

Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.

Giving up our Attachment to our False Self – Awareness Heals

jeri_devaleWe have to CHOOSE to be aware.  What helps us is knowing what to look for, and to accept we need to give up or transform all the positions that get us glued to our false self.  These are some of the things we have to give up.  We have to take notice become aware of the anxiety we feel when we don’t have a firm position to stand on.  Anxiety is not the enemy it is our friend…it tells us we are coming from or looking in the wrong direction and a belief system may need to be changed or transformed.  We literally make positions of our beliefs, and dig in our heels and say we aren’t leaving, even if intellectually we know that belief may not be true anymore.  We want something to be all right or all wrong…when in spirit there are no absolutes.  And fifth dimensional thinking which I talk about in my book. ” Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment” knows that our beliefs, our positions must be fluid not rigid or we become bullies and terrorists.  Fifth dimensional thinking is always thinking in relationship to something else…We are always only partly right and wrong.  For example,  killing someone else is murder and is wrong…killing in war for your survival is not.  So killing is not all wrong or right…it always depends upon what is at the top of the triangle….the third belief system that gives it meaning.  We feel emptiness unless we get the meaning of life and these thoughts which we cannot do if we think of these in absolutes…Substance abuse is the result of this…not seeing and feeling the meaning not seeing the third principle that transcends right and wrong. So always look for the third belief system or thought that gives meaning to it.   There is no right and there is no wrong…there is only partly right and partly wrong…there is what works for you…there is what works for your family…your government.. the third principle can be love, harmony, peace. When we are looking at what is right and what is wrong can we add the third belief which acts like a harmonic creating of course more harmony and meaning.  It is known in music that harmonics heal.  So if you add the third position to be love, or forgiveness, or harmony then you would think that killing as an act of mercy is also ok only if the person you are killing ok’s it. We can’t cross someone else’s will without creating bad karma.  Crossing someone else’s will is negative witchcraft.  But be aware here as I learned the most from my pain…the last stages of someone’s life may provide the opportunity for tremendous growth…so don’t spare the person of pain help them transform it if you can…the other person has to be willing.   Each situation is unique. The third principle is always fluid.  Don’t push the river it flows by itself. Love, forgiveness, discernment-awareness HEALS.  So when we are thinking rigidly and not adding the third principle…we are fueling are attachment to our false self….and feelings of emptiness and lack.  When we are fluid in our thinking and look through the window of love, peace, and harmony – which transcends rigid thinking, we are spiritually re-framing and looking and thinking through the eyes of our true self our divine self and our attachments lessen.  More on this in the next email.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

More on the 5 passions of the Mind

jeri_devaleOur last email showed the relationship of the 5 passions of the mind. They can interfere with our success and peace. Also in a prior email we talked about how anger one of the passions of the mind is actually a cloak a disguise and underneath anger is fear of something…if we define what we are afraid of we can then problem solve it.  Lust of any kind is because of identifying with the lack in our lives and emptiness we may feel inside rather then identifying with love and abundance.  Greed also is looking in the wrong direction to fix the problem…to fill up the emptiness…where we always want more to distract us so we don’t have to feel our pain.  But if we do feel our pain….we might realize how we are creating this lack and feelings of emptiness in our lives.

The master key to all the passions is to realize that attachment holds all of these passions in place…so if you break the attachment that holds these in place…major baggage in your life will drop off.  All of these attachments to the above passions of the mind stem from your attachment …your identifying with your false self.  Instead you have to identify with your Divine Self…Spiritual reframing is what will help you break your attachments to your false self.  In the movie, The Passion of Christ, the best line of the movie was when Jesus looked at his mother and said.  “Look Mother how I make all things new.”

This is the bridge Jesus gave us to recognize the kingdom of God is inside of us…We have to die to our false self…our ego – stop thinking in terms of lack, emptiness and victim….and instead reframe every thought and belief system to our divine self and become co-creators with God.  More on how to do this in the next email.

Dr. Jeri DeVale