More on the 5 passions of the Mind

jeri_devaleOur last email showed the relationship of the 5 passions of the mind. They can interfere with our success and peace. Also in a prior email we talked about how anger one of the passions of the mind is actually a cloak a disguise and underneath anger is fear of something…if we define what we are afraid of we can then problem solve it.  Lust of any kind is because of identifying with the lack in our lives and emptiness we may feel inside rather then identifying with love and abundance.  Greed also is looking in the wrong direction to fix the problem…to fill up the emptiness…where we always want more to distract us so we don’t have to feel our pain.  But if we do feel our pain….we might realize how we are creating this lack and feelings of emptiness in our lives.

The master key to all the passions is to realize that attachment holds all of these passions in place…so if you break the attachment that holds these in place…major baggage in your life will drop off.  All of these attachments to the above passions of the mind stem from your attachment …your identifying with your false self.  Instead you have to identify with your Divine Self…Spiritual reframing is what will help you break your attachments to your false self.  In the movie, The Passion of Christ, the best line of the movie was when Jesus looked at his mother and said.  “Look Mother how I make all things new.”

This is the bridge Jesus gave us to recognize the kingdom of God is inside of us…We have to die to our false self…our ego – stop thinking in terms of lack, emptiness and victim….and instead reframe every thought and belief system to our divine self and become co-creators with God.  More on how to do this in the next email.

Dr. Jeri DeVale

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